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Set in the free-wheeling 1920s of vibrant New Orleans, and brimming with dynamic characters, historically rich settings, and the redeeming power of love.

The Doughboy's Bride


Neither of them foresaw a future that might include the other, and they certainly didn’t intend to fall in love.


Can a blind bootlegger find happiness with an Irish rebel?

The Flapper and the Flyboy


He returned from the Great War broken in mind, body, and spirit, while the loss of her husband and her father to the Spanish Flu set her on her own healing path. 


Can these two deeply scarred people find happiness with each other?

McGary brings elements of the supernatural into this smashing romantic suspense novel.

     Publishers Weekly starred review

What better setting for this feel-good story than New Orleans of the 1920’s! These two imperfect characters worm their way into not only each other's, but the reader’s heart. 

     Amazon review of The Doughboy's Bride

... Loucinda McGary does not disappoint! Her characters have complexity, her plot is interesting but not overly convoluted, and her description of foreign locales is clearly set in real-life travel experience.

     Award winning author Jo Robertson


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