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The Doughboy's Bride


Neither of them foresaw a future that might include the other, and they certainly didn’t intend to fall in love.

World War I veteran Brian ‘Doughboy’ McGee didn’t need anyone’s help, but in the middle of
a rainy February night, a woman shows up on his doorstep. She claims to be his ‘bride from the auld sod’ sent for by his family. Brian may be blind, but he’s not stupid, and the woman’s story doesn’t add up. Nevertheless, he allows her to stay the night with the understanding she’ll be gone the next day.

Maudie Jean Carmody lost everything in the Irish Rebellion of 1916 – her infant daughter, her twin brother, even her freedom. Six years later, she’ll do anything to be reunited with her family, who now live in Chicago. She’ll even pretend to be a mail-order bride. But sightless or not, Brian McGee is not like any other man she’s ever met.

Can a blind bootlegger find happiness with an Irish rebel?

Set in vibrant New Orleans during the Roaring Twenties, The Doughboy’s Bride will make you laugh, cry, and believe in the power of love.

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